About Us

The three of us- Zury, Megan and Madhuri- are in the third year of the MFA in Dramatic Writing program at USC. In our final year, we’re working on our biggest projects yet- our thesis plays.


Unable to pay for medical school, Irene becomes involved in the black market grind of illegal organ trafficking. Kidneys, liver, lungs—easy peasy—until she is ordered to take her first heart! Don’t meet her at a club, boys—she’ll steal your heart away.


Sarah Kendrick’s got it bad enough, trying to reconcile her Christian faith with a fledgling career in the sharp-edged world of stand-up comedy. But then her mother announces her own impending death. She’s gonna die, in a plane crash, on Friday. Jesus told her so. This is funny… Right?


Naveen Gavaskar just wants a traditional Indian marriage to a nice Indian… boy. While his parents are trying to wrap their heads around this strange idea, his older sister returns home and drops a bombshell of her own. A comedy about love and marriage today- gay or straight, arranged or not.

And here’s a little bit more about us:

Zury Ruiz has been called a “Renaissance Woman” by Madhuri Shekar and Megan Kelly, to which she replied, “Renaissance, what’s that?” and punched them, out of embarrassment for her ignorance. But for real—Zury was born in Inglewood, CA. She writes plays and performs on stage (has performed with Madhuri, actually. She still has nightmares about it). Her most favorite person in the world is her sister, though her brother is a close second.

Madhuri Shekar was born in San Jose, CA and grew up in Chennai, India. She writes plays and performs on stage (on rare occasions) and watches too much TV. Her thesis play, “A Nice Indian Boy”, won 2nd place in the East West Players 2012 Face of the Future Playwriting contest. http://www.madhurishekar.com

Megan Kelly is basically the same person as Madhuri Shekar. Only blonde, and born and raised in Seattle, WA, and without a 2nd place prize from East West Players. Also, she writes a lot about faith and spirituality, which embarrasses her. Then, she gets embarrassed that she’s embarrassed. She should just be herself. What’s the big deal, anyway?

Follow our blog to find out more about life in an MFA program, life in Los Angeles, and about what we’re watching, reading, and writing.

And follow us on Twitter at @madplays (Madhuri) and @megankelly43 (Megan).


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