An Interview with Zury Ruiz: Aging, Grunting, and the Grotesque on the 101

So, tonight is the first reading of !What a Piece of Work is Man!, and the final interview of our trilogy is long overdue. We’re gonna go with a podcast for the last one, and if you listen, you’ll get to hear about Zury’s inspiration and plans and process. (You’ll also get to hear me try to drive and interview, and speak in a weirdly grating monotone, and say, “cool” a lot. Who knew?)

Zury talked about working with images for this play. Here are some of them below!








Today is the start of a pretty important week for us in our MFA Dramatic Writing Grad Student lives, but before I get to that, you should know that technically we’re not students anymore. I mean, we’re always “students of life”, or whatever, but we’re not students at USC anymore. We graduated. I know– No one thought this was going to happen, but we showed them (Not true. People were hella supportive. Too supportive, if you ask me). 


Graduation was fun, but so was the week leading up to it. 

Yes, we had finals, but we were also going to meet with our set designers! Technically, these sets won’t be built but we get to see what ideas are conjured up from our work, and it’s always reassuring to know that someone has gotten your writing and what you’re trying to convey. Even more fun when you see that reflected back visually. 

My Set:



Madhuri’s Set:


Lucky Megan– she got 2 set designers!

Megan’s Set #1



Closer view of the comedians featured in the stained glass windows:


Megan’s Set #2:



Beautiful stuff, right?

And then, we had a little gathering at Oliver’s place to celebrate 🙂

This is our serious picture:



And then we go nuts!


Seriously– Velina and I did not plan that head tilt. Great minds….

That same week we were finalizing the images we had made for our plays. Alexandria Barker worked with the ideas/themes we presented and came up with this:


We’re seriously in-love with the work she did. If you want to check out more of her stuff, here’s a link to her website:

Now the week after graduation has been busy, but exciting too. There’s been our New Works Festival 3 Production meet and greet, rehearsals, re-writes, and, of course, necessary breaks from it all, but It all leads to today– the start of our NWF3 Staged Readings. Megan’s play, And All the Trees Shall Clap Their Hands, is first. I’m so excited for this play. I’m so excited for all of them, really. Its been a pleasure seeing them develop, and I’m excited to see what’s changed since we last read it in our thesis class almost a month ago! Time goes by fast, man. 

We’ve put so much of ourselves into our pieces and we’d love to share them with you all, so I really hope that you (reader) can come out and see our work. We’d definitely love to see you out there! 

Here’s the info:

New Works Festival Three– Staged Readings

McClintock Theatre (USC campus)

Admission is FREE!!!

And All The Trees Shall Clap Their Hands by Megan Kelly, May 28 (8pm)  & May 31 (8pm)
¡What a Piece of Work is Man! by Zury Ruiz, May 29 (8pm) and June 1 (2:30pm)
A Nice Indian Boy by Madhuri Shekar, May 30 (8pm) and June 1 (8pm) 
Much Love,
Zury M Ruiz