We started a blog

Hello All!

We’ve started a blog. Who are we, you ask? Madhuri Shekar, Zury Ruiz, and Megan Kelly. The graduating writers in the MFA in Dramatic Writing program in USC’s School of Dramatic Arts.

We’ve started a blog, well, because…

1) We like each other. Well, I like Madhuri and Zury. Wait for their posts, count every fifth letter, string them together backward, and it might just spell, ‘Eh, Megan’s okay. I guess.’, or in Zury’s case, ‘I secretly hate her.’… Even still, these are my two favorite playwrights around. I love their work. I love talking about it. We’d love a forum to get interested parties as excited about our work as we are, because…

2) We’re neck deep in re-writes of our thesis plays that will culminate in May in a series of professional readings curated by USC’s New Works Festival. Our first class was last week. My play was up. And if that first reading was any indication, I have a lot of work ahead of me, and I’ll leave it at that, so I don’t start hyperventilating. The long, often wrenching, (really not that wrenching, I’m sorry, that was pretentious), fun work of developing a play is of interest to you, Reader, because…

3) Well, it really could be any number of reasons, depending on who you are. It’s of interest to us because the new plays we love always invite us into the writer’s brain (and heart), whatever the story. It’s one of the things theatre does best, we think. So, inviting any of you into the development process—in a contained, entertaining way, of course—or inviting you into the last semester of a graduate playwriting program is kinda in line with what we believe theatre is and can be. Boom. How’s that for pretentious?

Seriously, though. If you choose to keep up, you’ll find thoughts on what we’re reading and writing, theatre we see, TV we watch, insight from our instructors, a whole lot of random stuff that inspires us. Hopefully, Zury will post some wild visual art that’s informing her writing in super crazy and esoteric ways. (Madhuri and I wish we were that cool. Truly.) I’ll be thinking (and posting) a lot about the stand-up comics I’m seeing—I told you it was wrenching work. I don’t know what Madhuri’s gonna do, but trust me, it’ll be funny and interesting and heartfelt.

Check out the About Us section for little bios and synopses of our plays. This next week we’ll introduce our thesis plays to you a little bit more. Then, we’ll be off to the races. I can’t believe Madhuri and Zury made me write this first post. God, I hate them. Especially Zury.


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